Thursday, December 7, 2006

Tim's and Dogs

Winter has arrived along Lake Huron. Lots of snow overnight and although expected at this time of year it is a shock after last weeks nice warm early fall like weather. Here in Grand Bend plans are coming together for Winter Carnival in early February ( starting Feb 2 ) More details here ......
Most of the excitement at this time of year is our daily morning coffee session at Tim's and watching the less intelligent among us try to drive out of Tim's the wrong way. What part of ONE WAY did you miss??? The other phenomina seen at Tim's is the large number of people who drive with their dogs on their lap, I'm sure there must be some kind of rule aginst that.
Renovations on my house are proceeding as quickly as ever which translates to Snails Pace. A wall came out yesterday and at least we can now see an end or at least a goal.
In other local news the Grapevine Bar, formerly Coconut Bay on Hwy 21 has been SOLD and hopefully end an eyesore that has existed for the last several years. Now about Main St.....

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