Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Winter Carnival Wrap Up

Well Winter Carnival has come and gone and by all accounts it was one of the most successful ever. Last Saturdays parade had well over 50 entries. There were 20 or so snow sculptures and lots of activities both weekends, all well attended. This years organizers deserve a big round of applause.
This year Daylight Savings Time comes early March 11. Don't know for sure what that will mean but we'll find out, hopefully with Wiarton Willy having not seen his shadow it will bring warm weather with the extra daylight. Wouldn't be able to tell that by this weeks weather though.
Summer Rentals are busy with many reporting at least half the summer is booked already. Most of the good places are fully rented by mid March. If you are looking... this link will get you to a list of availabilities and other links to sites that have places for rent
Sevareal places have sold recently and now is a great time to buy..good selection and in many cases motivated sellers. For a complete list of what is for sale try this link and use the Search Engine