Friday, December 15, 2006

Check out the Lake

Well if you complain about the changes ( last weeks blog). It is again very warm for this time of year which won't please those who want a White Christmas. Personally I like it for getting around and every thing related but it doesn't do much to feed the spirit of the season.
Not much new in Grand Bend at this time of year. We had a power failure for a couple of hours yesterday, someone spun out on some black ice and wiped out a pole. I got to try out my new generator ,which I have just hard wired into the house, and see if I have the right circuits connected. I bought it last yaer after the big power failure we had on Super Bowl weekend but haven't had a chance to use it as that was the last outage we had ( this is not a complaint ).
Everything worked fine so I can say bring it on if you must.
Those renos are progressing and today I hope to get the floor laid so it will be up and ready by Christmas, maybe even by next week.
In the real estate world I haven't found out who bought the Grapevine but lots of rumours are flying. It is supposed to close next week, so we'll find out soon.
Lots of R.I.D.E programs around and they are nabbing people so if you drink please don't drive. If you are interested in seeing the Lake and or the weather here click on this link to a webcam located on the Grand Bend Yacht Club's building. It looks out toward the Lake thru the Harbour at the Bend. There is a link also on my web sites home page.

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