Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Next Week Already

Well here it is another week already. Boy time goes by quick. It is a slower time of year in the real estae world what with Christmas and all consuming peoples thoughts and time. It is however a good time to buy, lots of selection and not a lot of competition. What about buying him/her a new cottage for Christmas. Seems like a good idea to me. Personallly I'm in the middle of a massive renovation and hoping it will be mostly done by Christmas. This warm weather has been a real boon as I'm working in an unheated area and it would be much slower and more difficult if it was cold. We're insulating the area tomorrow and the heat will be in , just in time for it to turn cold Friday.
This week I also had several trees taken down and again the weather was great for that. I live in an area with large Oak trees and plenty of them. Unfortunately they grow in sand and many of them rot from the inside out over time, because of the lack of nutrients in the soil. In the spring I'll plant a bunch of new trees to keep the cycle going.

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