Saturday, May 26, 2007

A New Rental is Available

Well we survived another two - four week end and sanity returns. Almost everything is open again in Downtown Grand Bend and as I told you there are a number of new stores this year. If you are thinking of a summer holiday in Grand Bend I've just added a new rental to the market and because it's new all weeks are available so hurray and have a look if what you wanted has already been filled elsewhere.... . Canada Day week is also available at 11 Dietrich . See the pictures at the top.
Now with the nice weather here to stay there is lots of activity: the beach has been full this week and there arelots of boats in the harbour. Don't forget Burgerfest on the Beach June 16 and 17. Saturday ( 17th ) entertainment is Brad Karel and the Thrillbillies 2 to 5 PM and Green River Revival 8 to 11 PM. Sunday is Denise Pelley and Cheryl Lescom 2 to 5 PM. Admission is $5 at the door and it is geared for the whole family ( Licensed by A.G.C.O ).
Here's a picture of the Beach in the 60's

Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Burgerfest is Back

Things are really coming alive now that the warm weather has finally come, hopefully to stay. Last weekend traffic downtown was heavy and the number of retailers that were open was exciting. Upcoming openings include a new Archies Junior , Bluenotes, Scoops and Sea Jewels 3 on Main Street. A new restaurant/diner on Ontario St (Hwy 21) in the former I'm Starvin, Grampa Jimmys Scottish Bakery in the former Grapevine Bar on Ontario (21). Recently Sportsmed and Garden Gate opened ; Cranbury Lane moved close to the Bridge and GB Posh opened in their former location ( all on Ontario St ). Future retail opportunities exist at Pineland Pro Hardware( see pic on the right above ). The building and land are for sale as is the business . These can be bought as a package or separately. The former Dollar store space beside the LCBO ( see pic on left ) is also available and if you have any interest in either of these properties or anything else in Grand Bend give me a call at 519 238 5700 or
Burgerfest is back in the Bend this year June 16 and 17 on the beach, watch for more info on upcoming events. If you have any comments please feel to e-mail me...Larry