Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Grand Bend 's Downtown Comes Alive

Changes are Fast and Furious to Grand Bends Downtown
thanks to a multi million dollar upgrade right on the heels of
last years multi million dollar Beach Enhancement.

Other changes as well as the Bend gears up
 for the Two Four  Weekend
A new Licensed Patio Being added to the Colonial and Gables
Changes and themes to Each Intersection This one at Archies Emporium ( Eilber and Elmwood at Main St )

New Clothing Store at the old Barefoot Pedlar

Elmwood and Main St Intersection

Kazwear and Kazmania's New Building

New Parking Lot Between Archies and Little Ginos with 30 plus Parking Spots

Hard to see but a New Funky Restaurant in the Lakeview 's fromer location behind Appropos called The Sunset
House .
Complete Reno to Grand Bend Hardware beside Sea Jewels which will be the return of George

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

The following is from The London Free Press May 5, 2010

Premier Dalton McGuinty has finally admitted Ontario families will pay hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars more in taxes because of the new 13% harmonized sales tax, or HST.

It's about time, but it's really no surprise since basic logic told most of us long ago that if we're paying more taxes on more items than before the change, we'll be paying more, despite promises of transition payments and income tax cuts that are supposed to make the HST a wash.

McGuinty had to concede Ontarians will be paying more, and kudos to the New Democrats for releasing a study showing the impact of the HST.

McGuinty is banking on taxpayer (voter) support to pay more in taxes to create more jobs and a better future. Don't count on it.

But there comes a point where shifting taxes from business to taxpayers is not just a burden, but also unfair and a mug's game as the money paid in taxes is taken out of the economy. The shift reduces discretionary spending, especially in the service sector, and costs jobs for the low-income workers who dominate that sector.

McGuinty clearly believes he's doing the right thing and, if the public disagrees, they'll let him know at the polls.

Again, he's right. The pressure's building. Don't be surprised if voters let of a little steam.