Thursday, March 29, 2007

Return of the Fishing Boats

Last weeks picture of Grand Bend's Main St in the 50's created quite a few comments and e-mails so this week this picture is of the same Main Street in the 1930's, again looking toward the Lake. Also if you want to see more pictures of the Grand Bend area from the past use this link

Spring is here and some of the last couple of days have been fabulous. One sign of Spring is the fishing boats returning. Early last week they broke thru the ice at the Harbour and at least one is in and now working. Another sign of Spring is the number of workers showing up at various locations on Main St renovating and getting ready to open.Calls on Real Estate have increased markedly and now is the time to buy if you want to be here for the May 2-4. I also have several business opportunities available so if your thinking, act now and give me a call or e-mail 519 238 5700 or

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Looking Toward Knapps Arcade

This is picture of Main Street Grand Bend looking toward the Lake in the 1950's. To see more pics of Grand Bend from the past go to

The official start of Spring is just a couple of hours away so I thought it might be nice to see a summer pic, so why not one from the past.

Friday, March 16, 2007

Cheaper Heating Next Year

Made it thru the Ides of March and now on to St Paddy's Day. This time change took a little getting used to; the warm weather the first of the week took no time getting used to. I haven't updated my house construction lately so I will. We've been taking a break since Christmas but now the warmer ( I hope ) weather is here and it's back to work. The main floor is virtually complete so now we have to finish the garage which will let us then insulate the roof of the garage and add more to the house.. good time you say, well it just got too cold too work in the garage. Think how much cheaper heating will be next year. Work begins on the Lower Level too and then the Yard.
Activity continues around town with the new Flower shop at the corner of River Road and Ontario St now open. The Census is out and Lambton Shores grew 5.5% as did Grand Bend which is within Lambton Shores.There is no doubt as more and more Baby Boomers prepare to retire and with modern technology, this is THE place to live.

Friday, March 9, 2007

Spring brings change

Well I don't know why but I haven't been able to access this blog to change it for almost a month and now for some reason it opened and became accessable.
"So what has happened over the past few weeks" you ask. Winter and its cold weather has stayed with us but it looks like it will warm up this weekend along with the switch to Daylight Savings Time. In the Real Estate world I've just listed the Pro Hardware property and the business separately offering many potential methods of purchasing ie the land and building; the business with or without a lease or both. This is probably the most prime location in town at the busy corner of Lake Road and Ontario St ( Hwy 21 ).
Work is underway at the former Grapevine Bar, Finnegans is remodelling,the Bookstore is closed and a new business is opening there as well as a new flower and gift shop beside New Orleans Pizza and the Grand Bend Speedway has new ownership and will be expanding. Spring brings lots of changes and it will be interesting to see the annual transformation of downtown as it once again gets ready for the Summer businesses.