Wednesday, January 3, 2007

Summer in January

Well its over ( the Holiday Season ) and life can return to normal, that is if normal is everyone trying to live up to New Years resolutions changing their life , at least for a couple of weeks or days, and if normal is several golf courses opening today. Interesting weather and everyone likes it , that is except skiers and snowmobilers. I spent yesterday piling firewood in the backyard, again an unusual thing to do Jan 2nd. Today it is bright and sunny and from inside it looks like Spring outside. With this weather many things can start happening , the heavy equipment showed up this morning to start the demolition of the forrmer Seven Dwarfs Motel ( see previous blog ) and I suspect the weather will spark some early real estate interest. I'll be contacting last years summer renters right away to give them first shot at the same dates this year before advertising to the general public. If you are thinking of renting in the Grand Bend area you should book soon, most of the best dates are gone by the end of March and usually everything is booked by May. This link will take you to a rental page that has links to various sites that you can find rentals as well as contacts to reach individuals who rent out their cottages. If you are someone who has a place to rent e-mail me the info and I will include it on this charge.

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