Wednesday, January 17, 2007

New TV stations

Who said they missed winter? Well it's here now with the coldest days yet. Can't complain too much after all it is mid January. This makes things look promising for the Snow Sculptures during theWinter Carnival starting Feb 2.
The Bank of Canada left the interest rate alone with some predicting a future decrease. Good news for anyone looking to buy property.
The Spring Real Estate activity is starting . I sold the Walker St property in downtown Grand Bend this week and getting lots of calls on others. This is the best time to buy , lots of selection and anxious Sellers.
For those following my reno project, not much has happened since Christmas ( nothing ) however the only thing left on the main floor is finishing off the trim. The basement is next and hopefully we'll get on that this month.
Southcott Pines a large and well established subdivision in Grand Bend is adding Bravo and Showcase to it's TV lineup this week keeping it's many seasonal and year round residents happy.
If you're interested in what's happening at the carnival there is a link to an activity list on my web site .While you're on the site check out the many links and features as well.

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