Friday, October 22, 2010

What good is hydro if the majority of people will not be able to afford it

FYI : What is going on here.....This letter to the editor was submitted by ROSS AYOTTE 6 CORNELIA ST E SMITHS FALLS ONT K7A1L2

Duguid who is the energy minister for Ontario insists the 784,000 households in the province that are already on time-of-use billing, “ do not see a dramatic shifts” in hydro costs. Wait a minute Mcguinty and Duguild promoted this as cost saving for Ontario. As more people
get there hydro bills they are seeing they have almost doubled in price some people have actually cried when they open there bill.
Duguid said, “I think we got it just right in terms paying producers of solar, wind and other forms of green energy, who can earn as much as 80 cents per kilowatt hour in 20-year contracts this will attract new investment that’s required to build a green energy economic hub here in Ontario.”then Duguid says “we would not have got through this summer without serious problems, disruptions and brownouts.
These are critical investments but Tax payers paid Bruce power last year 57.7 million not to produce hydro, then Mcguinty cancels a contract for a Natural Gas power plant in Oakville at a further cost to tax payers and the government has no idea how much it will cost in penalties to cancel the $1.2 billion Oakville gas power plant, Then McGuinty suggested TransCanada will give the province a break yes that's you the tax payer but one has to wonder how much did Liberal friendly lobbyist and consultants make from Mcguinty to sign this deal in the first place as Mcguinty said the 900 megawatts of power it was to generate is not needed so why did he sign the deal or was it cancelled to save a Liberal members seat.
But one thing we do know is our hydro bill will go up over this blunder. Opposition parties warned the penalties could be as high as the value of the contract .So if were paying Bruce Power not to produce Power and the Oakville plant is not needed as there is no need for it why are we paying 80 cents a Kilowatt for Green Power if it is not needed at a cost 20x more than gas or nucular power and I also would like to note in Ontario, the cost of residential power by 2015 is seen at 21 cents/kWh, nearly triple the price in 2015

Under Ontario's Green Energy Act, a feed-in tariff (FIT) will siphon $3.8 billion from consumers' pockets by 2015 to subsidize wind and solar power producers.

Ross Ayotte

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